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Transiting Extrasolar Planets
• Searching for secondary eclipses of Hot Jupiters in order to probe their albedo, heat redistribution efficiency, and atmospheric composition.
• Examining parameter variations to probe for lower mass, possibly Earth-sized planets in those systems.
• Disentangling the effects of limb darkening and atmospheric absorption versus wavelength in order to use ground-based transit data to probe the atmospheric properties of transiting extrasolar planets.

Low-Mass Eclipsing Binaries
• Attempting to shed light on the problem of inflated radii in low-mass stars. Are stellar models wrong, or are the observed stars inflated by being in short-period binary systems?
• Discovered 30+ new low-mass (M < M), long-period (P > 10 days) eclipsing binaries via the Kepler mission.
• Obtaining follow-up multi-color light and radial-velocity curves of low-mass eclipsing binaries to accurately measure their mass, radius, and effective temperature.

Multi-Wavelength Modeling of Microarcsecond Astrometry
• Worked on modeling the multi-wavelength astrometric motions of various binary stars. Was a project for the now-canceled Space Interferometry Mission (SIM).
• Discovered a novel technique to directly determine the absolute inclination and spatial orientation of single stars via multi-wavelength astrometry.
• Working on modeling the multi-wavelength astrometric signature of extrasolar planets.

Near Contact and W Uma Stars and Thier Formation
• Studied many near-contact and contact eclipsing binary systems and theories of their formation.