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Please attend all labs. There are no make up labs, but your lowest lab grade will be dropped. If you know that you will have to miss your laboratory session one week, for a valid reason, talk to me before-hand about joining other lab sections for that week. You are still required to turn in the previous week's lab on time. You can either email me your summary or drop it in my mailbox.

Lab Preparations

You will need to either print out the ASTR110 lab manual, (follow the link above), or purchase the manual before laboratory sessions begin (by August 30th). It can be found at Kinko's Copy Center on University Ave. It costs roughly $18.

You will also need to have a scientific calculator (one that can compute sines and cosines, and take square roots).

Please make sure to read through each week's exercise in the lab manual before coming to lab, so that you are ready to begin.

Lab reports and Summaries:

One lab report per each group will be required, but all group members have to submit their own summaries. Please type your summaries. Summaries should be well-written essays including all the topics mentioned in the lab manual. Do not just copy from the lab manual. When two or more people submit identical or nearly identical summaries, all similar summaries will get zero points.


Two visits to the campus observatory (on Williams St., between Stewart St. and Wells St.) during the semester is mandatory. Check the schedule on the observatory website. In the back of the Lab Manual are a set of observatory worksheets. You will need four of these on each visit to the observatory. The TAs there will give you instructions on the use of the telescopes. It is vital that you get each sheet stamped at the observatory. Observatory notebooks without stamps on each observatory worksheet page will not be given credit.

I strongly recommend that you attend early, so that (1) you don't have to pray for clear skies at the end of the month, and (2) you don't have to wait in a long, long line to use the telescopes.